Saturday Courier made coffee at the Eyeful Gallery (6th&Everette), which will be closed this week and re-open the Wednesday after Christmas. We pulled our cargo bike into the space bringing stacks of ceramic cups, coffee, grinder, french press.

We then brought coffee to the Half & Half Cafe (923 SW Oak)

Besides biking like crazy around Portland we have found time to grab a beer float at our favorite pizza shop in town, DoveVivi (NE 28th & Glisen 4-10pm everynight). This is our friend Jesse Littlewood, who loved his beer float.

At noon Saturday in BT’s bedroom, BT & Michael Parich, produced a small run (twelve) of Courier shirts in small and medium, printed on cotton American Apparel.

Last minute special coffee orders are still ok. Advance notice would be great. With Christmas coming soon, Little Red Bike Cafe now open seven days a week (including this week!!), and places like the Half & Half Cafe buzzing with people, we are working hard to keep a variety of coffee stocked at each location for retail.

3 Responses to “weekend”

  1. Deanne says:

    Joel, are any of those shirts for sale? I would be so proud to sport one! Feel free to email me if they are. Thanks!

  2. kate kinne says:

    i NEED one of those shirts!!!!
    Kate (joeys girlfriens)

  3. joel says:

    The shirts are for sale, but by the time you see this they may not be. we only had twelve made. Kate- ive Standard American in small and medium only. We are going to print up more, but not in time for Christmas. Im actually waffling on the cotton and thinking about the Track Shirts from American Apparel.