Coffee at the shops this morning

Alex left at 7am making the rounds to Little Red Bike Cafe, Under the Bridge Cafe, Half & Half Cafe, and Two Tarts.

Coffee roasted this morning for Little Red Bike- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe gr.2 Oromia cooperative & Guatemala finca las Nubes. The Guatemala is definitely well developed, on the darker side of medium for us, medium heavy, solid medium? Tangerine chocolate orange. The Ethiopia is medium/light, but not super light, on the floral side with a nice mouthfeel. We have definitely been delivering some super light roasts to LRBC, and these are being served. The fresh coffee this morning is perhaps more accessible for people making in their homes and we think crowd pleasers.

Half & Half Cafe will soon be receiving part of the same Guatemala las Nubes batch and Ethiopian batch as LRBC, as well as a full bag of Indonesia Flores Bajawa Ngura (wet-hulled). The Flores holds some darker flavors and is mostly peanut buttery chocolaty in your mouth.

The last of our current espresso is at both LRBC and H&H. On our workbench is a new coffee for espresso- Ethiopia Sidamo Oromia Cooperative, natural process. We also have Kenya Karatina aa coffee, roasted on the darker side of medium, and some El Salvador finca Alaska (close to being the last batch). The El Salvador Alaska will shortly be biked down to Perierra Creperie (12th & Hawthorne), where it is being served french press.

Special orders are welcome. We will be in and out this morning at the workshop, but please call ahead.

2 Responses to “Coffee at the shops this morning”

  1. dalas v says:

    I haven’t seen you mention this Peruvian stuff you dropped off last time. What’s its story?

  2. Kyle says:

    LRBC digs the Sidamo espresso!…That Flores is FOR SURE deep, chocolatey berry-ism flavor, couldnt have described it better myself…extra ill with soy capps, for damn sure.

    lots of people bought pounds of Courier for their loved ones as we were selling on christmas day!

    by the way, thanks again for the bday cards…hallmark has it comin’ to them!

    —as one of my roommates says…”peace, love and chain grease. Duuude”