Just in time for Christmas

Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza COOPARM Cooperative coffee fresh at the Half & Half Cafe (12/23). Light chocolaty in mouth, mango citrus aromatic, grown organically. Jeff of H&H has told us twice that he likes this coffee a ton.

Our espresso is changing at the Half & Half today, and Little Red Bike Cafe Christmas day (yes, they are totally open normal hours!). Espresso is now 100% naturally processed (grade 3) Sidamo from the Oromia Cooperative, organically grown. We are in experimental/ prototype mode for this new coffee as espresso, and expect it to be intensely fruited, hopefully awesome.

We are not standing around with beers today. So far this week…. OSHA did a surprise inspection (nobody called it, we were assured it was totally random). Agriculture also inspected us, that was today. Yesterday we did a big clean that lasted forever into the night. Alex clocked an eighteen hour day, and Matt Sperry was called in to help from 5-10pm. We flipped all bags of coffee in our cellar (the big burlap bags of green coffee) to flip flop high and low, compensating for moisture and temperature stratification within the room. Over the last week we have been swimming in projects and happily making headway. Achieving sleep at all is pretty nice. When OSHA arrived thats where I was, asleep in a sitting position, with a fake bear hat to keep my head warm.

Oh, and last night the studded bike tires were useful for the second time this season!

Christmas Eve we will be roasting coffee and delivering it by bicycle super early. In the morning we have a few pick ups, and then we are off. Tomorrow we will mostly roast coffee for our family. Any special orders please call them in tonight. Holiday cheer from all of us at CCR

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