Yesterday it started snowing. Matt Sperry tracing wires on an espresso grinder (Mazzer Robur), making a wire diagram. Alex packaging coffee and attempting to leave. I running acid solution through a 2 group Synesso (espresso machine) for the third time. Then it started to snow.

We received a visitor, Alex (different Alex). She is kind of part of the CCR family. She saw the snow and came over. A little play in the snow. We brought down our mini-bike and did doughnuts in the parking lot. Perfect snowball snow. Back inside we continue on the Synesso and Robur while Alex hangs out. Our Alex has by this time left.

Locking up the roastery I discover my keys are gone. This is hours later. Snow falling the entire time. Five bike lock keys, a few different house keys, keys to our accounts, keys to our shop. After THREE HOURS of raking the entire parking lot very carefully, a phone call is placed to Matt. Going through the parking lot on round two of methodical raking, I give up half way through and take a ten minute nap. Matt and Daphne show up and tell me they are going to look around. One minute later I hear Daphne’s voice, “We found them.”

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