Half and Half Cafe, 923 sw Oak, bright and lovely. The pies were pretty. Soy cappucino pictured above, with Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4 espresso, grown by the Oromia cooperative.

Best courier coffee roasters. oh and heads up Little Red Bike Cafe is now offering dinner service!! Foster Burger was closed last week for a few days, but they should reopen anytime.

Playing with image quality today. Top three are imbedded from Picasa, cant seem to scale them to fit. Wonder how they scale on different size screens. Lower three are cut and pasted from Picasa, and so the actual image is on the Picasa system. Three months back all of our pictures were from Flikr and they were much crisper. It appears linking to Picasa seems to pixelate image.

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  1. marissa says:

    The images look great and are larger on google reader, better than on wordpress for some reason.

  2. christopher says:


  3. Tim Roth says:

    Had an amazing yellow cup americano at the Halfy today. Also banh mi, coleslaw, and a couple deviled eggs. Dreamy.

  4. Collin says:

    Joel, digging the Ethiopian this morning!