Foster Burger serves couriercoffee milkshake

Burgers, milkshakes, rock and roll. Located on the corner of 53rd & Foster where Cava once stood. Thursday to Monday 5pm. Foster Burger! Currently they are french pressing Indonesia Flores Bajawa and Decaf Chiapas ORPAE Cooperative coffees, both organically grown. They have cute one cup french presses that they bring to your table. My sister and I, we had the burgers. My sister did have a Milkshake made with Courier Coffee! The wait to get in was almost long, until we all realized we could order drinks at the bar while we waited- recommended.

For a list of what we are roasting check below. Half & Half Cafe and Little Red Bike Cafe, as always are wonderful places to get our coffee, and, unlike ourselves keep regular hours.

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