hungry for the weekend

Amidst the medium darker roasts that have been a freak occurrence over the last week, there have been gems. More than a few juicy, lighter/medium roasts have been going out. Hash, breakfast cafe in Sellwood is serving Kenya Karatina aa this weekend. Toast, breakfast cafe on 52nd and Steel is serving Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the YCFCU Cooperative. Little Red Bike Cafe has some Kenya Karatina aa that was roasted really nicely by Alex of CCR Thursday.

For a full list of our offerings please scroll down this page. Much is happening in our world. Stacks of CourierCoffee t-shirts are on their way to be printed up in BT’s bedroom (20each). We seemed to have solved a rattle in the frame of our cargo bike. The bar is now clear in our workshop- the San Marco Leva espresso machine now has the whole bar! Dovetail Baking’s new retail location on 31st and Alberta is still rocking and pressing Courier (all Vegan and Delicious). They are retailing half pounds of our coffee.

2 Responses to “hungry for the weekend”

  1. Peter Manning says:

    hi joel and courier coffee. are the t-shirts available for purchase? i’d love to fly the flag of my favorite coffee in town!

  2. joel says:

    T-shirts most likely will be printed this weekend. One of the printers has a day job. We have one t-shirt in small from the last batch. The t-shirts are American Apparel 2001 style brown with white printing, 100% cotton.