Dovetail Baking pressing Courier

Their bake goods are delicious. Dovetail Baking, located on 31st and Alberta. Hours Tue-Sun, 8am-6pm. Check out their blog here. What started out in Morgan’s kitchen, then St. Johns, has now grown into a cute/awesome bakery. They are french pressing Courier Coffee, pretty much to order, and yes, delivered by bicycle. This expands our bike range a lot, and we expect to make special trips to Dovetail. There is a nice hill on 30th over the ridge that we favor.

Dovetail Baking makes everything vegan, and fresh each morning. They start making small batches and when they sell they bake more. We love them. None of our friends have any idea that there goods are vegan. Oh, and we have secret crushes on everyone there (can you tell we are crushed on everyone?).

for a list of our offerings check here.

One Response to “Dovetail Baking pressing Courier”

  1. Tim Roth says:

    Secret crushes are spreading far and wide in 2010. I love Dovetail.