cargo bike health and healthy biking

The cargo bike has been selectively shifting for weeks. Cable at the trigger untwisted, causing shifting failure. New cable from Veloshop, Alex fixed that yesterday. Now it shifts like butter (phil wood hub, shimano deore derailler, housing well lubricated). The front steering linkage remains poor, since our red loctite failed. The next step is two nuts to tighten against each other with loctite to hold the bolt (another visit to General Threaded, Portlands dedicated  retail location for all threaded nuts and bolts).

Courier Coffee has decided to take on bike expenses such as tires and brake pads for all of its employees. Combine that with health care being provided and one wonders how we may pull it off.

The workshop has been remarkably clean and orderly these past days. We are reviewing our last year of work/coffee/biking. Monthly safety meetings are now being held, including- get this- fire drills!!

Still remaining the same it feels like we are getting better, more streamlined, more efficient, more focused on coffee.

3 Responses to “cargo bike health and healthy biking”

  1. Brian says:

    That was your always problem.
    not focused enough on coffee.

  2. evan&ali says:

    sign me up for the next ccr fire drill! i have a stopwatch i could bring to time the whole exercise.

  3. John says:

    Bike maintenance and health care! Way to go.