cargo bike

List of coffee offerings, and also how to purchase, here.

Picture of our t-shirts for sale $20, here.

4019 SE Hawthorne, behind the house, our workshop location. I guess you could say we accept will call pick ups, and special orders.

A recent awesome day was doing sheetrock. Matt picked up material on our cargo bike, which also doubled as a workbench and sawhorse. We made coffee and decanted it into pretty enameled cups.


We actually store our coffee below the house, but contrary to popular belief do not live here. A couple of real nice kids just moved in. We have a wine de-humidifier running in the basement that works alright. The green coffee is kept on palettes evenly spaced. Our store room is a positive pressure system, meaning air pushes out.

Mostly we are showing you pictures of us working on sheetrock with our bicycle because it looks pretty. I guess coffee delivery is pretty too. This day was pretty satisfying.

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