coffee love and locally roasted coffee

Alex Geddes of Courier has been roasting more. If you enjoyed our coffee this weekend, chances are the batches were roasted by him. Alex is the only full time employee of CCR. Matt Sperry is doing one day a week, his other job being a medical intern. Yes, we certainly have variation from batch to batch. Our roasting notes may be almost identical but yet batches have their differences.

So the kid you see biking around especially Monday and Tuesday, working downtown and deep North Portland is also playing a vital role in developing awesome coffee.

Much love to our coffee friends, thank you for making the many espressos that we sometimes take for granted. Biking coffee around town, that we roast, is a dream.

5 Responses to “coffee love and locally roasted coffee”

  1. Memry says:

    dove vivi hearts you guys. big time.

  2. jen rawlings says:

    i really enjoy reading the blog. im an east coast craft batch roaster. i have a probat L5, i know what it is to live this dream, keep rollin!

  3. dalas v says:

    Thanks for making awesome coffee!

  4. evan&ali says:

    Cheers to Alex! Lucky to have him “on bar” this weekend and next, 2/20+21 and 2/27+28!!!

  5. joel says:

    Jen, box arriving for tall bike coffee in care of Noel hopefully Friday or Saturday. much love ccr