at roastery awaiting incoming freight

Three hours sleep was hardly enough. Old Dominion Freight has closed out our shipment of coffee, for delivery today. Sometime today their semi-truck will arrive.

Alex is biking the Monday run of downtown deliveries, with only his front porteur rack, made by Paul Conte. More on that later.

We received a modified Anfim Super Caimino espresso grinder Friday. Alex biked this to LRBC Saturday morning to use as he covered bar for Tyler of LRBC. Sunday afternoon the grinder was transported to CoffeeHouseNW so they could get a look. The Anfim has an Omron timer, adjustable within a hundredth of a second (.01sec), titanium coated 75mm flat burrs, cool actuater buttons, and a continuous cooling fan. Review soon.

My hope is we get to roast the new coffee arriving today.

2 Responses to “at roastery awaiting incoming freight”

  1. John says:

    I’m in need of some beans. Maybe I can stop by and get some of this new stuff.

  2. joel says:

    Its Papa New Guinea Kigibah Estate grade A. We received it at 3pm and loaded it into the cellar. Because of who we are roasting for today, and what we already have roasted it makes sense for us to hold off on roasting this new coffee for the first time until Wednesday. joel