searching for a new coffee

Coffee is being harvested at this moment. All of the laborsome work to remove the cherry and dry the seeds , carefully sorting through all the seeds and conditioning each so that it is stable for shipping. Buyers are being found. Large freighters are moving steel shipping containers across the ocean. With the many coffee producing areas staggered roughly within 15 degrees latitude from the Equator, there is always someone somewhere moving fresh green coffee seeds. New crops are always arriving. Except right now (sort of).

This time of year slows for new crop arrivals. Kenya fly-crops are coming soon, and a few things from Ethiopia and Peru are moving about. There is a lot to be hopeful for, but not a lot to choose from.

Last Thursday we roasted 17 samples from two different merchants. These coffees had already been purchased by them and we were in decision mode. Four hours of manually turning a drum over a flame, we cupped (tasted) each sample. Today we recupped (evaluated) a few. eh.

Our new coffee for the moment is from Banz, Western Highland Province, Papua New Guinea, Kigibah Estate. It is mostly Typica (Blue Mountain strain) and Arusha varietals. The crop arrived afloat in Emeryville January, and we recieved it last Monday. It has a nice pungency and somewhat darker fruit notes (more on this later).

Lately we have been assessing our sliding track door, eating doughnuts from Doughnut Queen (60th and Burnside recommended, but not before cupping), making nice phone conversation, and roasting a ton of Papua New Guinea Kigibah. Our 800rpm Anfim with Titanium Burrs and Omron timer is on trial at CoffeeHouse NW still. Honestly we are trying to cup and evaluate coffee every spare minute we get. Not just samples, but of our production roasts of the Kigibah to learn what notes we are trying to bring out. New list of our Coffee Offerings coming soon.

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  1. evan&ali says:

    espresso was killer today. big thanks to alex for helping us out these past two weekends and getting us on to a smaller dose for our espresso. good luck with all the cupping.