So much stress. This morning DB Shenker loaded a three group Synesso Hydra we have been holding for Wille of Heart Roasters. The last month a large chunk of space has been occupied by this machine at our workshop. The liability, the thought of throwing our bikes into it, somebody falling, and now worrying about the shipping. We are moving this machine for our friend, but it is not worth it. There is a slim chance, however, that the experience is worth it.

Underneath all that plastic there is a sick three group Synesso Hydra. Each group head runs independently from the others. The group caps have magnetic stays in them to help better identify the two positions of the paddle (more on this later).

The last few days have been a hustle. Friday multiple welds failed on our cargo bike causing insecurity of the flat bed. At the beginning of the Sunday run this was noticed. We are currently working with CAT to get this repaired.

The next few weeks will be done on our single speed bikes. Major thanks to Veloshop for cleaning out the King headset on the Surly. It feels great

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  1. John says:

    Sounds very stressful. You look stressed and angry. You should bill by the hour on these fix up jobs, purely for the sake of sanity.