Cargo Bike update.

Cargo bike cross piece, that holds aluminum diamond plate cargo bed portion of the bike, has broken. You may notice an absence of this bicycle in the coming weeks.

As a business that wholesales coffee (that we roast) and does all delivery by bike, this is certainly a blow for us. Basically this pairs down to a lot more biking. We now have twenty two accounts spread across Portland. The farthest distance between accounts is ten miles. Besides PorQueNo on Hawthorne our next closest commercial account is over a mile away. We bike to Little Red Bike Cafe in N. Portland minimally two times a week, but more often three. We love the bike. Hopefully the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene (CAT) gets us running heavy loads soon. If anyone would help get our frame back to Eugene for its repair please let us know. Our cell number is at the bottom of our main page here.

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