biking the bike, Tyler of CAT/HPM welds the crosspiece supporting our flatbed

Biking double trips the last two weeks has kept us hungry. Deliver coffee to everyone Friday, then within the next 24 hours they call for more. Perierra Creperie (12th and Hawthorne), one of our loving accounts, keeping us fed.

John of PICNIC fame (soon to be foodcart), and already spotted in 2009 serving up delicious housemade food/drink, saved Courier Coffee this weekend by taking its Cargo Bike to Eugene. The cargo bike got washed before it took its bike journey to Johns house, frame slung over the shoulder, wheels and seatpost removed.

Then, CAT (Center for Appropriate Transport), or really a part of CAT- Human Powered Machines (HPM) gave our bike a thicker steel cross piece. Tyler did the welding, and Jan gave John a tour of CAT. The steel certainly is thicker. Extras came in the form of bumpers for the kickstand, hooks to better strap loads, and new heim joints for the steering linkage. Huge thanks to CAT and HPM for covering our bike, and keeping Courier Coffee biking big loads.

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  1. Jesse says:

    I’m glad you guys are saving your backs. Also, the new cargo bike looks even more badass. It’s like it runs on badassoline or something.

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