Brazil Cerrado fazenda Serra Negra

Cerrado (pronounced Cehado, yeah, CCR master of fonetics) is a region in the state of Mina Gerias- Brazil. The farm, or fazenda (in Portugese) is named Serra Negra. Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda Serra Negra, lot number 811, January crop arrival.

This is either a natural, or pulped natural (of somesort), of this we are unsure. Either way, the coffee is most likely red Catuai varietal. Because the sugars of the cherry soak/absorb/dry into the seed in these types of processes (common in Brazil), the seeds/beans have more sugar content (sweetness). In our roasts this comes in the form of much raw undeveloped sugars, paired with the developed, or processed sugars. Sometimes these developments are talked about in terms of caramelization, which i am unsure is entirely accurate.

When we roast, we move sugars from raw/unprocessed sugar, to developed/processed sugars. I think the difference is sucrose vs. glucose. The type of processing determines how clean, or dirty the flavors are. Usually increased sugar content adds to the thickness and takes away from the clarity of the flavors. Sugar may add to many flavors, but it ends up, in the cup, to make for slightly sweeter coffee.

This Serra Negra does feel like it has more sugar. We get mushroomy flavors, barley, paired with fruit sugars like strawberry. There are tinges of dark, over caramelized sugars, which we currently struggle with, as we try to make the fruit sugars and the mushrooms come out clear. We think this coffee is excellent with (for) breakfast (our breakfast so far). Yesterday Alex cupped out (tasted) all roasts from the last week, picking out favorites, and thinking about what should be brought out in the roasts. This is pretty much all we are serving/biking out this week. Our cellars are low, and its time for change! New crop arrivals coming soon.

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  1. Paul says:

    I am drinking a cup of this wonderful roast as I type… and it is awesome.

    Thanks CCR!

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