weekend bicycle coffee delight

Saturday started out windy, with little rain. Mostly, rain could be seen in the distance. Morning run, to Little Red Bike Cafe (4823 N. Lombard), with setbacks. Interstate to downtown. Visit Two Tarts Bakery, where they give delicious cookie. Sterling Coffee for double espresso. Emergency coffee order, PorQueNo Hawthorne, where we trade cargo bike (yes its back!) with single speed. Through Brooklyn to Sellwood. Over the Sellwood bridge. Bike up the graveyard to Sprout Cycles, noone home. Over to Lucky Lab Multnomah for a pint of SuperDog. Bomb down Barbur to Downtown, to the Half and Half Cafe. Then its up up up to the CCR roastery. Roast till 830pm. Sleep 930- 330. Then its much wind and moving fast southward. Much fun until the cold cold rain soaks through (supposedly) waterproof clothes. At 730am Alex takes the morning route over.

Tyler, of LRBC, made a gorgeous double espresso, of our current offering- Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4, Oromia Cooperative. Vivid canned peaches. Peach is something we just started discovering in this espresso.

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