coffee break

Bike to DoveVivi cormeal crust pizza at sunset. Roast coffee samples in the garage. Break for coffee on the porch.

Today we received new coffees. As soon as we identify proper location we will let you know. Our social calender at the roastery tells us it is R. Kelly Month- seriously. And then we hear that this month there may also be an R. Kelly themed sandwich at Little Red Bike Cafe. It is only then that we discover a coffee bartender at the LRBC (who will remain nameless) follows R. Kelly on Twitter.

Walking outside of the roastery yesterday, we paused for a coffee break.

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  1. evan&ali says:

    Coffee bartender’s name is Tyler. No shame in the game.

  2. Miguel says:


  3. Jesse says:

    The clogs are back! Long live the clogs!

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