sixteen hour days and our coffee offerings

in a sixteen hour workday, keeping fed is key. In a sixteen hour day it is almost like starvation. Yep, we have three new coffees, only have roasted two. So much shipping damage I was almost crying while stitching the bags. Stitching up holes is a crucial art. It is not often that half the bags we receive require surgery. One tricky sole decided to patch a seven inch bleeder, using only packing tape. Unfortunately, our soon-to-be doctor, Matt Sperry, was not in the house at this moment. Otherwise, we are sure, he would have relished the practice. I’m starving. Above is a hamburger of awesome power from Toast, 52nd and Steel.

Guatemala San Pedro Huehuetenango finca la Providencia- 75% Caturra, rest Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Nuevo. Farm size 33.8 Ha. 3/16 arrival.

Costa Rica Los Santos, Tarrazu, S. of San Pedro- Caturra and Catuai varietals. Farm sizes 1-5 Ha. 3/14 arrival.

Tanzania Ruvuma Mbinga district- N5 and N39 (bourbon) varietals. Average farm size .5-5 Ha. 3/9 arrival.

These are in addition to-

Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda (farm) Serra Negra- red Catuai varietal. Lot#811. January crop arrival

Ethiopia Sidamo grade 4 Oromia cooperative- October-ish crop arrival. Organically grown- our espresso.

Decaf Peru, Selva Central. November arrival, organically grown, and water decaf process.

Today I fed Alex espresso’s to keep him awake. Hopefully he is eating a hamburger somewhere. We both have not cupped together in days. Perhaps when we both do we will get a nice little list of flavor descriptors.

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  1. Miguel says:

    Free food for ccr employees/owner at our house

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