new espresso

Thats right, new espresso. Costa Rica los Santos, Tarazu, Caturra and Catuai varietals, from a bunch of farms averaging 1-5 Hectares (Ha). Lot arrived March 14th in Oakland. The seed is super dense, and we are working to open up that density with heat. With espresso we attempt a closer distribution of colors, denoting a more like developemt of sugars/whatnot. Distribution from the outside/surface to the inside/heart. Break a seed open and you will see a change in colors. In this way we may see how heat has moved through and bounced back upon itself. We would like to get less variation in color gradient with this coffee. It is pretty wild right now, and very fresh. It could be that if we let it sit for a month before roasting, the moisture would even out in the seed, making for better heat transfer. We like freshness though.

The food pics of deviled eggs are from the Half and Half Cafe. The diced chives, parmesian, wine, butter & flour (for savory biscuits) are from Matt (CCR) and Daphnes kitchen.

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