another new espresso, with the farmers

Turns out the Costa Rica makes for thin espresso, but pretty awesome in milk drinks. Almost as soon as we discovered this, we started sending out our winner- Brazil Cerrado (region) de Minas (Minas Gerias is a state) fazenda (farm) Serra Negra (farm name). Thats: Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda Serra Negra, and the farm is run by Pedro Luis Rossi. He was actually here, yesterday, at our workshop. We told him how lovely his coffee was. We pulled him a double espresso of His coffee roasted nine hours prior. Then we proceeded to siphon coffee of the same lot roasted a different way. If anyone wondered why we were so late yesterday, it was because three farmers showed up, unannounced, at our workshop.

If anyone remembers our summer run, of Brazil Cerrado de Minas fazenda Chapadao de Ferro, well, Ruvaldo Delarisse was here yesterday too. Yesterday was kind of exciting. That coffee had much minerally salt. Chapadao de Ferro in Portugese means, really big plateau of iron. Take that to mean extinct volcano.

The faz. Serra Negra, lot #811 is a true natural process coffee, meaning the cherry dried on the seeds. This is why the coffee is so sweet, much of the fruit sugars soaked into the seed, in the process of drying. We had thought the coffee was 100% red Catuai varietal, but we learned Mundo Novo varietal is also included. The farm size is 90 Hectares (Ha), pretty big, and they also grow yellow Catuai.

We were sleeping on the Serra Negra, and now you have it for espresso. At this point it has been biked to the four corners of Portland. We thought the Costa Rica was fun, but perhaps not so fun for the straight espresso drinkers.

Much happening in our coffee world. Dinner with friends. Courier is going to get a whole lot more exciting soon. One tidbit: we have a new Ahearne bike coming our way for trials this weekend, a cycle truck. Check it out.

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