riding the ride

Produce Row Cafe has closed for remodel. Joseph Ahearne, Ahearne Cycles, loaned us a CycleTruck to try for the week, rad. Our beloved Half & Half Cafe, 923 SW Oak, is closing May 1st. Half & Half was the first cafe to serve Courier, and one of the first to serve Stumptown. Courier Coffee will be moving into the H&H space, and opening, while still roasting and distributing from 40th and Hawthorne.

We also have a new account serving Courier at Killingsworth and Vancouver, Tuff Luck, inside In Other Words. They do a modest espresso service and French press to order.

5 Responses to “riding the ride”

  1. evan&ali says:

    hope you are enjoying the truck. hope it comes to the cafe tomorrow!!!

  2. Miguel says:

    The truck is really awesome

  3. joel says:

    Ahearns CycleTruck will probably be visiting all of our accounts today. Yes, its coming to the cafe this morning. Last night it visited Liberty Glass, and its been visiting all the houses we drop jars of coffee at (super early rounds at 5am).

  4. evan&ali says:

    Hi CCR. Ali here. I like the truck and all, but I think a congratulations should be said (and found it odd that it hasn’t already) and I believe it’s a very serendipitous event that Courier is opening in the H+H space. While we are sad to see them go, we could not be happier for your impending “arrival.” Best of luck dear friend. We’ll be enjoying the ride along with you. XO

  5. miguel says:


    way to go, Joel and CCR

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