growing a coffee bar

Courier is opening its first coffee bar! We could not be doing this without you, without the support and inspiration of our coffee friends.

Really a ton has been pulled together in the last 48hrs. Our goal is to get up and running as soon as possible. Is a month too short?

The last few weeks have been.. well, pretty epic. Sweet and sour with the Half and Half closing, although we are thrilled open, and in a space with such good memories. Little Red Bike Cafe just gave their official 8 week notice that their current location will be closing (on their blog). Perierra Creperie is now hard at work building their future creperie and speakeasy next to Valentines (they also serve our coffee)! Lilikoi, 1324 N Killingsworth, a block East of Interstate, has opened quietly (our friends Dekin and Veth, serving up Hawaiian and SE Asian food). Cloudy October, who works backbar at bar XV, did a show Friday night and we were there to support. Biking Ahearn’s CycleTruck for a full week was totally rad.

The other night I siphoned coffee, for a fifteen person dinner party. The first round of service went a little rough, and the final round went awesome. Prepping the lower glass assembly and bringing these to the table, each with a burner. Spacing them down the length of the table, and angling in the top glass. As each reached below boiling top glasses were fitted to make a seal. With the rising of the water each siphon was stirred. The entire process was very theatrical, and at this point just for show, since everyone already had enough coffee. I guess I am getting into this story because what followed was a fascinating conversation about food service, and some really good advice.

We know we want to serve you better. And we know that we have to make the environment in which we work more fun, less like an assembly line, and more like a bar. And of course the coffee has to be super awesome, and whatever food we can manage awesome as well. We are feverishly eating out, drinking out, making awesome drinks at our workshop, and trying to make every moment count and culminate into some kind of awesome coffee bar. Thanks for being here.

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  1. Memry says:


  2. jj says:

    woohoo! a cafe of your own! that’s very exciting, though yes, sad that half and half is closing. (and this reminds me that i need to go put out my $$ and jar for tomorrow’s delivery) congrats joel!

  3. @Microfoam says:

    This is happening. And I couldn’t be more excited. I’m squeezing a few final High Lifes and deviled eggs out of the Halfie though…

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