Lilikoi, food awesome on Killingsworth

Our friends Dekin and Veth have opened, what is, technically a food cart, on Killingsworth 1.1 blocks East of Interstate. The food is seriously delicious, and a super good value. They are serving Courier Coffee roasted very very dark, which, you should know, is how it would be done in Laos, where Veth grew up. Currently we have them serving a coffee from Los Santos, Costa Rica, from a bunch of small farms ranging from 1-5 Hectares in size. However, we are working to get something from Indonesia that would be more in keeping.

Lillikoi serves up Hawaiian and Southeast Asian awesomeness, in the form of grilled pork and coleslaw, sandwiched between fat slices of fresh Hawaiian sweet bread. Their home made doughnuts are rolled in passionfruit and cane sugar. Soon, their ice coffee will come with sweetened condensed milk! And, they are now doing breakfast at 8am. Flower Blossom cookies (savory) pictured above. Lilikoi is the real deal. This is soul filling comfort food, made on some hot plates and a wok. Hours 8am-7pm wed-sun. Menu Below.


1324 N.Killingsworth

(503) 477-5585


wed-sun 8am to 7pm

(breakfast served all hours)

Breakfast & Pastries

lilikoi french toast

lightly battered hawaiian sweet bread w/lilikoi syrup $4

strawberry guava cream cheese rolls $2

lilikoi donut .75 each or 6 $3.50

flower blossom cookies(asian rosettes) .75

fresh hawaiian sweet bread $1

Breakfast Sandwiches or Wraps

(served on fresh baked hawaiian sweet bread or tortilla)

(eggs over easy on sandwich)

(scramble eggs in wraps)

egg and cheese $4

ham and cheese $4

ham,egg,&cheese $5

kalua pork,egg,& cheese $5

Sandwiches or Wraps

(served on fresh baked hawaiian sweet bread or tortilla)

kalua pork w/creamy asian coleslaw $5

cuban w/ham,kalua pork,pickles,cheese,mayo $5

kalua pork & cheese $5

cheese quesedillas $3

ham & cheese quesedillas $4

kalua pork & cheese quesedillas $5

Rice Noodles

“laos style” sweet soy sauce, onions, bean sprouts, eggs $5

“drunken noodles” soy sauce mix, onions, bean sprouts, eggs, basil, black pepper $5


lilikoi ice tea $1.50

assorted hawaiian can juice $1.50

12 oz coffee $2

8 oz coffee $1.50

16 oz ice coffee $2

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