timeline begins for coffee bar

Working on the coffee bar at 923 SW Oak. We are trying to nail our timeline, for the bar itself, which seems to be the measuring stick for opening. This morning we checked out slabs of wood, from fallen trees around Portland (Western Walnut pictured above).

Huge thanks goes to all our friends, who have so far helped us clean, plan, prep, and are definitely keeping us fed. The one thing we know is that we would be nowhere without you, and that this entire deal is better with your love and support.

2 Responses to “timeline begins for coffee bar”

  1. emceethemusi says:

    Enjoying the pictures, Joel. And I’m thrilled for your new (old) coffee business!! I DO hope you will have tea, eventually…see you in a few weeks!

  2. John says:

    Wow, using that wood for the bar would be awesome!

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