developing flavors for the new Courier Cafe

Many people ask, will there be food at 923 SW Oak. Yes, there will be food. The space is seriously tiny, this is very hard to explain. The coffee bar, the entire bar, will be for people. There is absolutely no where to put food, to display food, to prep food. Up till a few days ago there was no place to put a bulk coffee grinder (serious problem). This having been said, we will most definitely have food.

Being surrounded by wonderful people who are into food has certainly been a driving force. Last night, making Creme Anglaise to pair with Orange Rhubarb, from the Rose Bakery Cookbook (Phaidon), we found the perfect jar in which to decant. It made us think of our friends at Little Red Bike Cafe, and the Creme Anglaise was quiet tasty.

We just received word that our floor work at 923 SW Oak will commence next week. This means likely Friday, and definitely Saturday we are making a push to prep, prime, and paint the ceiling and walls. Saturday we are inviting our friends to help us. Work to start early morning. Brushes, and devices to paint really high up welcome. As always Joel’s cell number is at the bottom of the main page

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  1. Jesse says:

    Wish I could be there to help. As you may remember from my days as the CHS Technical Theater go-to-guy, I’m pretty handy with sponge paint.

  2. Miguel says:

    How early Saturday? I will txt you tomorrow

  3. joel says:

    9am saturday. prepping this evening around 7pm

  4. Sean Boggs says:


    I hear ya’ll are painting your new establishment this weekend (according to Elizabeth Beekley from Two Tarts).

    Not only do I have nothing to do this weekend, I am also pretty tall, so I would love to help you out and perhaps reach the un-reachable corners in order to apply various colors of paint to them.

    If you care for my help in any way, please let me know.


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