Our great friends helped out Saturday. From the midnight hours until afternoon. The bar is in the process of being made as well. Mid-July is our tentative opening date. We are very excited about the neighborhood.

Friday we started roasting a new coffee from Cerrado, Minas, Brazil. The coffee is from Ruvaldo and Amelia Delarisse’s farm Chapadao de Ferro, named after the location where the farm sits (really big plateau of iron, or an old extinct volcano). This coffee is pulped natural process, meaning the fruit skin is removed and the meat of the cherry dries on the husk of the seeds. Like a natural process coffee, there is much sugar from the fruit that has made its way into the seeds during the drying process. Coffee with higher sugar content is roasted at cooler temperatures, so that flavors are developed without burning the sugars. We still hit about the same roast times as any other coffee though, relatively.

July is only weeks away…

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