Courier Coffee, 923 SW Oak, has appeared unchanged the last week. Trust us, much is happening.

Natasha (above) has temporarily joined the staff at our workshop (before heading to work at Courier’s bar). She will be refurbishing the same espresso machine she will be using downtown. Strip it, rebuild it, make it better, make the roastery better.

Today we tried a granola bar prototype. Our friend is making menu items at night in her kitchen, helping us build a small but lovely menu. Made with equal parts honey and vegetable oil as liquid. Oats, seeds, fruit, grain, are the main part. The goal is to offer food, but perhaps not lunch. We want granola bars with the consistency of that puffed rice marshmallow bar, but savory over sweet. The bars should be thick, substantial, and filling on their own. It should be easy to remove honey and make these entirely vegan. We are absolutely thrilled to have our lovely cooking friends cooking up food for us.

We all had a fun time tasting granola bars today. Later when the sun came out Alex and I took a bike ride to Belmont Station.

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