Hario, bike maintenance, nap, coffee roasting (surprise?).

IMGP2804 by you.

Making myself some Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima by Hario syphon brewer — 3 minute extraction time, 3 cups, 24.9 grams. This coffee came to us in 16.5 pound vacuum sealed bricks: green, packaged four to a carton from the London based coffee merchant Mercanta. The packaging keeps the coffee tasting awesome (vacuum packaging from foil and plastic) by protecting it during shipping and storage from humidity changes, moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. I do get excited by how fresh this coffee smells when it’s green, but the packaging bothers me a great deal. There’s no way to recycle it.  We stack it up in the roastery and reuse it as much as we can, but eventually it will find its way to the ocean…or a landfill. (For what it’s worth, kinda my feeling on plastic packaging in general.)

I had a late evening at the workshop working on my freewheel. My single speed bike got a new Salsa 44-tooth chainring, KMC Premium HX chain, 16-tooth White Industries freewheel (the outer ring), and a new freewheel bearing. The teeth on my freewheel were in pretty poor shape, and I’d already flipped the front ring once. Much time was spent getting grit out of the threads with fingernail and a paper towel and then laying a nice clean layer of Park grease. Pawls and springs were all removed, cleaned, replaced. Everything’s awesome except my Shimano cartridge bottom bracket…which is still popping back and fourth.

Sleep at 9, up at 3. The workshop’s a wreck. Time to clean, then to roast. Alex is biking the downtown deliveries this morning. I  also sent him looking for a wooden finger brush (we do like to brush our fingers and wash our hands). We might make some more coffee in the syphon if Ray ever shows up.


2 Responses to “Hario, bike maintenance, nap, coffee roasting (surprise?).”

  1. Evan & Ali says:

    i can offer an extra wooden “finger brush” for you if you can wait ’til tuesday. it is a used doser chamber brush with medium bristles and it would work well or cleaning coffee stained fingers.

  2. Leah says:

    Mercanta is investigating in person during Director Hurst’s upcoming trip to Brazil using a biodegradable ‘’foil’’ for the inner vacuum lining. We are working to maintain the benefits of vacuum packing- a phenomenal way to maintain the viability of exemplary coffees- with no environmental impact.