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Special Reserve Pacamara varietal 18 screen size, from the Las Delicias Farm in Cerro las Ranas, El Salvador will now be an offering. All of our El Salvador coffees were purchased from the brothers who own the farms, really farmed by their father. The unique thing about this coffee for us, is that it is being imported directly into the port of Portland. Sure the coffee is organically grown, the farmers are paid well, and all the farms are being run to Rainforest Alliance certification standards, but the boat arriving into Portland is almost the icing. Portland is not the port for coffee. So it is pretty special that Miguel and Guillermo have made it a priority to bring coffee to our city.

Since we opened at 923 sw Oak in August our espresso has been from one of the brothers farms- Santa Barbara. What we have noticed about our coffees from the Menendez family is the high amount of sugar content. At this point we are speculating, whether it is the fact they use the pulp from the cherry to fertilize the soil, increasing soil acidity, or whether the strains of the varietals are just naturally high in sugar. In any matter our roasts have been extremely thick in the sugars, but each roast we go lighter and lighter. As we roast this coffee each batch should be an improvement upon the previous. It is really fun to have multiple coffees being farmed in the same manner, because we get to see similarity as well as differences. I know these thoughts are a little bit loaded, but perhaps it gives you a glimpse of what we are thinking about.

Our baker has been in San Francisco, visiting Blue Bottle, and shopping for us as well as herself. She picked up some¬†gorgeous caste iron at Cookin’ in Hayes Valley, SF. While she was away we found some honey to compliment our tea, at the Peoples Cooperative Market, happening every Wednesday. We also started to make our own Vanilla syrup, steeping the Vanilla beans in sugar. We are all refreshed hopefully and ready to hang with you Monday early at seven.

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