a fantastic morning for cappucinnos and pastries stuffed with shallots, potato, celery, carrots, and mushroom, 923 SW Oak

nectarine rasberry upside down cake- 3

pastry filled with mushroom, potato, shallots, celery, corn, pequillo peppers, and carrot- 4

The pastries today are totally awesome. Each weighing just under a third of a pound, and we are told, each containing a significant quantity of butter. We also have a vegan scone this morning, as well as our granola bars, which are thicker this week. Ryan says this will be another fantastic day for cappucinos. With three days left of espresso from Santa Barbara farm, its time for something fresh. Party Friday 5pm on, perhaps all day, come check out Andy Warhol witnessing breakdancing for the first time, more here soon.

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