heads up, new coffee on the way.

The Elderflower Cake today is phenomenal. This would go really well with a glass of white wine (ok, we just cupped through a lot of coffee samples). The glaze has all these flavors that are very reminiscent of honey, except without the honey sweetness. Its a light and wonderful glaze that has picked up some of the pear. Honestly, rad.

The Savory Pie today is also, seriously fabulous. Chantrelles and caramelized onion, with a little goat cheese and Kobucha squash. so so good. I think this is one of the best Pies that Leala has made so far.

Today we cupped a host of coffees roasted in my garage. One winner was an auction lot from Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe.

Courier Coffee. 923 sw Oak. 7am-5pm M-F.

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