coffee by the jar, cinderella pumpkin pie, track standing

Guatemala San Pedro Carcha finca Santa Paula (Coban region) and Kenya Mitondo farm- our newest coffees, that arrived friday. Coffee is now available whole bean, in glass mason jars at 923 SW Oak. Half Pound for 7.50 plus jar deposit of a dollar.

Cinderella Pumpkin Pie, from scratch by our baker this morning, Leala Humbert. Pumpkins were biked over the course of two saturdays from the farmers market. Over the last few nights there have been hot pumpkin seeds for guests. Oh, and Leala’s new Spicy Thai Granola bars-Kefir lime leaves, mango, coconut, thai chilis, peanuts.

Longest track stand outside our shop still gets a cup of coffee, or espresso. The record is set at 20.5 minute, so come protect your street cred. Oh, and did we mention we are a bike base business? There are always tools and a pump if you ever need. 7am-5pm M-F 923 SW Oak.

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