New coffee arrived Thursday at the roastery- Brazil Cerrado de Minas, fazenda Serra Negra. This is a natural processed coffee, where the cherry was dried on the hull before being removed. This arrived afloat at the Port of Portland in December. Our fourth batch since receiving may be found at CoffeeHouse NW and at Courier. Tons of raw sugar sweetness. The fourth batch was my favorite, hints of strawberry in the aromatics. Our next roasts will have more developed sugars.

New years was pretty epic. People we had never seen before came to get their caffeine fix before working new years eve. At four AM we were having coffee again at Courier. At 630am we were at the beach watching the sunrise. Then we slept to wake and watch the sunset over the ocean. Being really hungry we  came back to Portland to eat at DoveVivi Pizza (some of the best pizza ever!). Only for a brief period did Courier lose its main phone line to the ocean, roughly 24 hours. Happy new Year.

Courier Coffee M-F 7am-5pm.

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