record player etiquette unspoken rules TV TOKYO and Portland Monthly Hot Chocolate

December 8th, 2014

Portland Monthly magazine mentions our Hot Chocolate in their December issue, a drink not to be missed this winter. Pick up a copy and check it out. We are also mentioned a second time in the same issue!

TV TOKYO includes Courier in their piece on livable urban cities, with some significant footage, broadcasted a week ago across all Japan, check it out here.

With new people around the holidays, we felt it a good time to address proper behavior around the turntable, or record player. The basic rules are basically the same as coffee. You do not take a drink that is not yours, and you do not drink a drink that is not yours. This sounds like common sense but people behave differently around record players than hot cups of coffee. There seems to be a more respectful distance around others coffee, which is appreciated, where as sometimes record players are treated more like furniture, than delicate things that break when you touch them. There are people who carefully play records, and those who do not. It is always best to ask to touch before you do, and also more than prudent to be way careful about bumping, brushing, or leaning anyplace close to the player. Please remember a turntable is a delicate thing, and the records stacked near the player, or cords, have the ability to fall, swing, shift, and perhaps do a little damage. We know it was not going to be easy, but in our minds having this technology makes things a bit more romantic.

Now- protips, or the reasoning behind using the lifting mechanism for the tonearm, or not. I was always taught to lift and drop by hand (hooking a finger under the lift arm to do both, never putting downward force, other than gravity), thus assuring the needle fits in the groove before taking your finger away.if a record is dirty the needle may not actually find the groove with a slow drop from the lift mechanism, but skate across the surface, scratching it up (this also depends on the tightness of the grooves, which vary by design). Do Not lift a needle by pressing down on the cantilevered weight, your force is magnified on this side as well as the possibility of changing the weight adjustment, affecting the tracking force of the needle. Especially do not grip a needle in a horizontal way, as in pinching the head, or tonearm. some people like to use the lift mechanism, but they are also checking to see that the needle tip is clean each time, and cleaning the record of course. Getting the needle to track is especially important with our Shure M44g needle, with less than a gram of tracking force, it is a lightweight, but the upside of low wear on the records for us is a must.

Thank you for listening

December 3rd, 2014

we have 14 more quarts of cider coming from the Old World Apple Cart this Sunday. Tomorrow evening open late with a book release party-drinks and Japanese snacks

A new (deadstock) platter spindle assembly arrived today for our Technics 1200 MK2.

You may notice new, old faces on bar and at the roastery. We really should do a proper introduction soon, but please bear with us. On the coffee front we will be rotation almost our entire stock before the end of the year- new crop coffees are coming.

November 25th, 2014

December 4th book release party 6pmish. Snacks by Alder+Co. Refreshments by Navarre.

Holiday schedule- closed Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day, New Years Day. Monday-friday 7-6. weekends 9-5.

Walk-In hours at 4019 se hawthorne (the back garage) Sundays 10-2.
Cuppings Tuesdays 2pm sharp, every Tuesday. Not our garage below.

Our record player platter spindle bearing assembly is still in the mail. Our Fetco faucet assembly arrived after taking one week for Fetco to put it in the mail, and six days in transit.

Walk up and Stock up at our Roastery Sunday

November 15th, 2014

Purchase wholebean (or ground) coffee, at the roastery, on Sunday from 10am-2pm. Do you need a bunch of coffee packaged for gifts, feel free to phone ahead. Starting tomorrow. We will be doing cash sales only until we can figure other futuristic methods.9/half pound. 18/full pound. all other fractions will be rounded to dollar amounts

Feel free to walk in, we are around the left side of the house at 4019 se hawthorne, at the little house behind

On other news- Cuppings at the roastery on Tuesdays, exact time to be announced.

Downtown we now have apple cider on bar, pressed friday night by the Old World Apple Lady, of almost all Spitzenberg varietal apples, for the kids of course, glasses for three, pints for four.

Also we are struggling with a new kind of milk- Almond. We have no consensus on this so far. for a minute we were serving an expensive almond milk, and then a cheaper one, yet organic and local (oregon). we would absolutely love your help, feedback, and honesty, and thank you to the woman who called to say her drink tasted bad. We appreciate this more than anything else. I personally will tell people my drink was horrible and will return it, with wine, coffee, anything. We are here for you, and getting a drink means that you should be happy with it.

Thank you so so so much. Please in the future let us know if you are not completely satisfied. Thank you for being with us.

November 9th, 2014

new typewriter from 1992 now printing some labels.
Fresh new batch of Pendleton Wool Mason Jar Cozies made by Michael Parich, Portland, on bar for sale. Four new lots of coffee, two of which are on bar now- a coffee from Guji, Oromia, Sidama, and one from Mutwewathi, Nyeri, Kenya. Two lots getting roasted, and maybe on bar in the morning.

An interesting and needed part broke in our faucet assembly on the Fetco water tower (HWB-5). Interestingly the part is being made, but not sold anymore, unless you buy a whole lot more. One wonders how much longer Fetco will make HWB-5s, or how much longer it will take them to switch their labor from Chicago to China. In the mean time, through good design, we are using the 90 degree ball shutoff valve to dispense water. The assembly has been ordered and ships monday from, Chicago?

Also fixed, temporarily, a platter vibration on our record player due to bearing failure, using bicycle chain lubricant. At first we misdiagnosed the issue as a power supply issue, and wrongly blamed the last service technician, for that apologies. We next thought it was the mounting of the plater bearing, but wrong again. We used a nice clean petroleum based lubricant made by ATB in Enterprise oregon (medium weight) to free up rumble. Check out this bearing assembly we would like to buy, but cannot afford.

Lastly a little of our weekend was spent brewing coffee for the Japanese childrens library in Tabor Space, not much coffee made, but a whole lot of fun. if you are looking for childrens books in all Kanji to borrow, the yearly donation to become a library member is small.

Whats on the horizon. Tim, our new person at the Roastery is holding cuppings everyother wednesday at 2pmish. He is planning walk in hours mid sunday for people to buy coffee beans. More as information is available.

New Fall Hours

October 27th, 2014

Weekdays 7-6
Weekends 9-5

Please support our new hours.

October 24th, 2014

On bar the last three lightbulbs have been TCP BR30′s (L.E.D.) with 650 lumen output(the ceiling track lights). Just yesterday we realized none of the lighting is halogen anymore, something we so rely on at the roastery/workshop for color rendering. There is now a mix of old and new technology LED and old/new flourescent par30′s. We have been constantly buying a sample of LED flood lights as they hit the shelves, and trying them out. The Eco Par30s with flourescent bulbs (winks hardware) are actually a little warmer in color indexing, but not by much compared to the BR30′s. However the LED BR30′s draw only 12 watts of power, which i think is half as much as the same flourescent of equal lumen output. Next time in courier and looking up from the front to the back of the room lights 3,4&5 are BR30, then the light 6 (just past the support beam) is an old style LED, and the next in line are flourescent.

From the same manufacturer and brand line we purchased an MR16 style LED for the roastery, and while poor color for our downlights we would like to move forward and replace our 12 up lights with these. One thing we did learn was that the 900 lumen type A bulb made by TCP (regular bulb type in a 60 watt equivalent, and a blue package) is way way too white for us. The 40 watt equivalent has a green package and we hope more warmer color, since the br30 package is also green (hoping that means something).

On a separate note, we are retrieving our mk1200 turntable from Echo today, looking forward to that.

October 17th, 2014

1200 mk2 is still at echo audio.we lied earlier. at the last second we took our sl-1100 into the shop figuring it would come back quicker. for the moment the tt-432 Marantz unit is working. I guess we love the tonearm return, but you know belts are not forever.

The fabled staff meeting has still not happened. because the staff is in miami, china, working their other jobs, on tour with their band, and.. just getting hired. There should be a meeting, and actually……. we want, and will, always want to hear what you think. Online reviews are helpful, but the most heartfelt reviews come a little more directly. as always feel free to call our 24 hour hotline at courier, or text. any feedback is always positive for us, even if its negative.

October 7th, 2014

mussels, champaign, espresso, and some clothing to feel awesome in (at 923 sw oak). West End womens select shop is now open in the Counter Media space. Maurice, whenever we look, is bustling.

Mechanically we have a pitch accuracy issue on our mk2 1200 (record player). In the background our sl-1100 is getting its internal ground issue worked on at Echo Audio so we may swap it in before fixing the 1200. On the espresso front some keen customers may notice us sticking our hand in the doser chamber to spin the dosing sweeps in the chamber of our grinder- good eye. while we joke about return of the jedi and building a lightsaber yourself, the truth is that the solution is not elegant enough. Honestly we are thinking of rebuilding it with bike parts. On the tech/future/internet side of mechanical- we want to let you know that our website, while wordpress, has a front page done entirely in Drupal (we were told this is ridiculous today). However, you know,thats how we are.

around the corner Limbo has taken a long vacation. Then next door there are two spaces that have formed in what was jackpot, rumor is new tenants before december. all the best, us, courier coffee

September 30th, 2014

replaced the cartridge in the pressurized toilet tank today- geez that is hard to remove. also biked to work with a humidity and temperature gauge to test the levels on the east and west side of the river, the rest of the staff seemed un impressed.

at the roastery the number of shopping carts has been increasing. our calls to both safeway and fred meyer appear to not work. most of the time they tell us we can have the shopping cart, or throw it away (of course). There seems to be a nice camp site growing in the than thao parking lot (free rent anyone?). I guess the mornings roasting coffee are once again just a touch more thrilling.

New Guatemala coffee from the Concepcion Buena Vista Farm- ceylon black tea up front, 55% chocolate finish. received last week after a three month wait and another month in customs down in Los Angeles.