April 14th, 2014

March 27th, 2014

bury me in green and gold.

Not often that we bike a whole setup to serve coffee… for the Timbers Army. Part one served coffee off of some 4x8s. Part two drinking cold refreshment at army headquarters. Filmed by Bike staged a short ride to Providence Part (formerly Jeld-Wen field), and invited us out. Portland Timbers, Filmed by Bike, and Courier Coffee.

March 7th, 2014

drink price change at coffee bar. Base price will now be three dollars. We appreciate serving you coffee, and look forward to providing better service at 923 SW Oak. The menu will be re-written when this occurs.

We have always wanted to create a menu involving dollar bills, and not coin. Back in 2000 it was standard practice to tip a dollar per drink (and as Tyler would say tips are not a requirement but always appreciated). A dollar might have been high at the time? but it was easy, and, we strive for easy. so if tips were a dollar, and drinks are 3.50 (beer), you almost want to not have that change…….. as always we want to keep things simple. Everything around us is getting more costly, taxes, payroll rent, but… we just want to live the dream.

so- film at Courier Monday Night- the anniversary of the earthquake in Japan that will(has) affect(ed) us all on planet earth. 630 pm Monday the 10th- Kamanaka report. A rough series of interviews in both russian and japanese with japanese subs only (i would still recommend it even if you cannot understand the words). the price is 500 yen (or five dollars), and all the money will go toward film and Japan aid. RSVP IS MUCH APPRECIATED. thank you as always best joel ccr

March 1st, 2014

Night Cafe- March 10th in Portland will be the anniversary of March 11th earthquake in Japan. Chiaki-san is hosting Kama Repo Cafe (Kamanaka’s Reports) at Courier- we will be showing 40 minutes of edited reports that is the first in a series of reports to be part of a larger film- with special permission from the producers of the film- meaning we have all legal rights to show the film for this one night. I believe this to be THE premier showing in the USA of this cut. The film is partly in Russian with Japanese subs- but mostly japanese( there will be no english, but people will be on hand to help translate). Please let us know if you will attend. the cost is 500 yen per person (400 to the production company for copyright, and 100 to support victims- especially children). There will be coffee, and food, donations through Chiaki-san who is from Sendai and was there three years ago. We feel this is an important event. On March 11th 2:46pm a major earthquake affected the east coast of Japan. We are hosting this event early so that parents with children may attend, You are all welcome to attend. best courier coffee.

500 yen is about 5 dollars.

February 16th, 2014

Spent Sunday at the Roastery. I drove the 1993 Toyota Corrolla (yes, we have cars too), in order to pick up 450 pounds of the Buesaco mill coffee, Narino district, Colombia, from Coffee Roasters United (CRU). Their roastery is near Union Station. We could, and have, painstakingly moved this on our cargo bike, but with our setup it really wears on a persons body (and there is the rain). On the way we were attempting to pick up 81 mason jars from Market of Choice Burlingame, then the Sellwood Bridge was closed, then was there a shooting? in SE that shut down a significant route (who knows). It is now 930pm, still at roastery, with 81 jars to wash, waking at 3am to start delivering again (the wind outside is pretty intense).

The biggest snow in Portland since 1999 (?) happened last weekend. However nothing as epic as the 1980′s. And now- everything is normal, except the roastery got wrecked. lets list cool things this week.

major upgrade to stereo at roastery- new speaker wire, minidisc player hooked up.
Installed rear fender to cargo bike (weird there was not one before).
Donated dead refrigerator to the street, made a cubby hole for our shop vacuum.
got rid of weird extension cords, excess wires, and routed cords properly.
Purchased back up inner tubes- check.
And… we decided to recycle records from 2010 and prior.

Above all we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, then washed dishes, then roasted 150 pounds of coffee for the morning deliveries. Our copper bar is totally clear, but we still have a ways to go yet before all the tools get put away properly.

Cool thing- a couple stopped by downtown from just south of Yokohama, Japan. I made my first successful presenting of wholebean coffee using two hands, and also did the money using both hands- hence fitting custom a little more. Customers/ visitors are pretty much the coolest thing ever, and Courier just got a great mention in a new Japan Portland travel guide (maybe we will bring back roastery open hours again…so everyone can visit us here). Oh oh oh- 23 Karat Gold Filters are now for sale- supplies limited at 923 sw Oak, we are the only supplier in the USA, currently only sold inside Germany- Swissgold, the company is gone forever. This means courier has been brewing those 2 dollar cups of coffee using vintage, deadstock, swissgold. The filters we got hold of are slightly different, yet still awesome.

February 7th, 2014

just test rode the Surly 1×1 and the Cargo bike (long john frame made by CAT- eugene Or.). The Cargo bike does much better in the snow- unfortunately the rear triangle only allows for 1.5″ tires. The Surly boasts some 2.5 kenda tires-unfortunatley I am much too light to grip the snow. And the surly only works when body weight is equal between the two tires.

20 inch tires are better. Gears are better (surly is SS- cargo bike 9 speed). heads up.

January 27th, 2014

earth ride japan

wedding ceremony at coffee shop. bicycle test ride (thats Kristen of Maurices bike). Masa of Earth ride happened to be biking from Alaska to LA- connecting a school in Tohoku to the world outside via bicycle. And, unrelated with photos, met Miwa, sister to one of the owners of LifeSon- where friend Matsushima of Paddlers Coffee Tokyo, does pourover coffee.

December 29th, 2013

New Year approaches, and we have almost accomplished one of our many goals. Composting will soon become a reality, hopefully on New Years Eve, for our bar (the roastery already has compost service). When the City of Portland made sure Compost containers were given to every household, commercial businesses were also able to set up service. Yet in order for commercial business to receive this service the building owner had to request/ pay/ and be willing to accommodate. We have weighed our options, deciding that it would be possible to store half a weeks compost inside our store (the pickup is bi-weekly). After all, most of us store compost inside our kitchens in Portland now for a week or longer, without odors or pests. This should be a wonderful thing because almost all of the biproducts of what we do will no longer go into a landfill, but be driven to Seattle to compost. Where will we store a large rollcart? in the bathroom, locked up to prevent mis-use. As one of the first coffee bars in the city to provide compostable cups made in the USA of paper biproducts also from the USA- we are now very proud to be able to start compost.

In the New Year we hope to better our customer service, re-do our seating area along the east wall, install ceiling high shelving for vinyl on the west wall, introduce sound dampening boards, finalize the milk bar taps, introduce drying racks, replace our ceramic cups- and really everything we ever wanted. Already we have created a housemade record cleaning solution, made of very mild ingredients, and new audiophile record sleeves are on the way to replace our paper sleeves. Happy New Year to everyone.

late opening Thursday 26th.

December 24th, 2013

December 18th, 2013

Pictured above Maka-chan, one of our awesome guests this past month.

This year Courier Coffee is getting more attention from Japan, and especially Tokyo. Courier just got a nice full page spread in the most recent Elle Gourmet Japan. This year I believe we have been mentioned in three different magazines, and we are looking at photos of our shop being published in a fashion magazine in the spring. Currently Portland is very popular in Tokyo, as they are looking at our city as a model for sustainability in housing and infrastructure, not to mention our coffee scene. Kinfolk magazine has been pretty key, since it is probably more popular in Japan than anywhere else. Also Matsushima, who grew up in Portland, but is native to Tokyo, has drawn a lot of attention to us from Shibuya where he runs Paddlers Coffee. His coffee bar represents Portland, serving pourover Stumptown Coffee. Matsushima is not just selling Portland coffee, but kind of the image and lifestyle behind it.

While we get visitors throughout the year, December is especially a time for people to return to Portland, and revisit, rediscover. In a way this makes us want to re-invest in our space, to make it better, and to refocus our attention on our style of service.

big news- espresso is now a naturally processed coffee from the Aricha mill, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. And after three years we are finally getting compost, albeit with the compromise of keeping it inside our room until the pickup comes twice a week. I think we can pull this off, planning to use our bathroom for the rollcart, and since our bathroom was not glamorous to begin with…. We should not be producing garbage anymore yay- and we will be the first in our building to compost.

We will definitely be closed Christmas and New Years Day. We know for sure new years eve will be regular hours for sure, and maybe even open later. Christmas Eve looks to also be regular hours, but we may waffle on this.