Coffee update

July 21st, 2020

First of all- Mask up.

Second, and again- BLACK LIVES MATTER.


lets talk,

what if……… we did a courier coffee get together- in a field- all regulars. ten foot distance, or maybe 12 foot. i would provide free coffee, drinks, and shaved ice. we could kick a soccer ball around. everyone participating would give one egg to arthur.

xox- joel courier

The coffee shop is still on hold,

July 3rd, 2020

Black lives Matter.

its a fact.

There is a second fact- the coronavirus is real.

You can call me at anytime to vent, or for coffee brewing advice.

you are loved

thank you for wearing masks, thank you for distance, thank you for being who you are,

Black Lives Matter.

black lives matter, and a status update on the shop.

June 5th, 2020

In this emotionally charged time, there is so much i want to say- so much of it is stuck in draft, and some of it ive just hit “post” then rethought and deleted, but perhaps simple is best.

We embrace, and are with, and in support of Black Lives Matter. We do not support the police culture of brutality, violence, fear, racism, power, and impunity for law or recourse. We dont think police are able to be armed, or that they have shown they can be responsible, as they have shown that they are above the law. We would like to see a radical change. There is a problem, and as we have seen the last week Police have continued to use violence, have escalated things, and also have gotten away with it.

I cant say that all police are horrible people, or that i have not been helped by the police, that would not be fair. But i can say that when we reopen we would like to have a space supporting positivity, love, acceptance, and understanding and respect of each other. since the comments are mostly spam on this wordpress, if you want to comment direct please email – perhaps title the email “comment” so that i can find it better.

Kourtney- (worked at Courier for a few years), is working on an idea to use the coffee shop for art surrounding BLM for the downtown shop- We are paying rent, sounds like a good idea- my only pre-requisite is that we dont entirely obscure the windows- i like people being able to peek in.

Coffee shop still paused, no timeline. Just because the government says its safe to reopen, I dont feel safe. Memorial day was two weeks ago, and Protests are ongoing. At the same time cases were dropping. I understand people are tired of this new life, but to me it feels like we are becoming just bored, and thinking it wont happen to me. someone said if we take our temperature before meeting people its fine- haha. perhaps people are finding that they cannot live without being close to others. Japan apparently has done extremely well, lately. This is the perfect time to work on making better coffee at your house, or perfecting your own canele recipe.

Be well, and be safe, to those of you practicing distancing, not touching your face, and washing hands, and wearing a mask – good work. stay safe.

Things that are happening

May 31st, 2020

“I can’t breathe.”
SERVE AND PROTECT?? for a 20 dollar bill? your life.
I have not had the personal courage to watch the video,

the line I cant breathe, i cannot get out of my head. Today the paint in downtown portland were mostly those words, the other one that stood out, as it was repeatedly written everywhere was “justice.” Personally the word justice does not mean much, justice is not blind, it sees. It especially sees skin tones, and religion, and does not recognize police easily, or people with money. I have no real perspective on this. I really wish the coffee shop was open so that we could talk face to face about this.

I did not attend any protests, but i hope everyone who did protest was safe.
i have so many thoughts, but i told myself a while back no swear words on the wordpress account.

Lets list some other things happening as well-
I hear very very bad things about Guatemala- people are getting very sick, please enjoy coffee while you can, and i would get ready for a price increase next year. Also since your favorite coffee shops buy all their cups and lids from China get ready for that, and by that i mean price increase. (LIDS are always chinese fyi, and we are one of two shops in portland using cups from the USA, others source their plastic lining from China.

New flip phone is working well. to the person who called me at 5pm the other day asking if we still had canele left- …. no. now that the phone line is back i get two calls a day trying to make orders. thank you for the interest.

Again- be angry, but be safe, the coffee shop is on hold but you can still get coffee.

much love

May 30th, 2020

The courier phone is back- no masks needed.

May 26th, 2020

I realize that masks are frowned upon by people. I went to a Verizon wireless store, where not a single staff member wore a mask. I wore an n95 mask, and i used a glove to touch surfaces, and i declined sitting, instead choosing to stand back over 6 feet.

the employees at Verizon i was told have skin problems, and so they cannot wear masks.

as i was being helped i looked at the persons face very closely, very nice skin.

The people at Verizon may get sick and die, or even spread covid-19 around, but their skin is very nice. They laughed it off, and my phone works again.

people with great skin will never die, why worry about customers. thank you verizon wireless.


im sorry im so bitter- but this is a big deal.I dont think you should wear a mask in your car, or just walking downt the street, but it should be ready. courier is pro- mask. and you should not run an entire store without using masks. Verizon stores scare me to death. perhaps they have not heard about covid.


feeling normal, open for business, coffee is okay, but phone shamed.

May 24th, 2020

if you respect courier coffee- then you should respect what we do. …

I had a serious talk with my family about my new phone choice- a Kyocera Dura XV Extreme flip phone- everyone burst out laughing. During this time i feel more isolated than ever. its an awesome phone, why does everyone hate it.

I tested negative for the virus over a week ago, i feel normal now, perhaps the coffee was rough for a week while i was feeling emotional, but i think im back. trying to get that delicate feeling from the coffee as i roast.

you can laugh at the flip phone, but i believe that our phone embodies much of the spirit of courier coffee.

amazing. andrew has connected the wordpress to shopify

May 19th, 2020

reminder to order by email***********
** order before sunday- get local delivery monday, or tue morning if im way behind.
**** you can pick up monday or tuesday or thursday from hawthorne- just coordinate with us.

so…… our new “landing” page for the site is shopify. The link to the wordpress account- stored on Andrew’s server somewhere in the world- works. you can see our coffees if you scroll but you cannot purchase….. hurray!

I cannot handle facebook, or twitter, and i can barely handle my personal instagram. (who has time to take photos). i go through times where i want to document things, but many times when i do not.

***COFFEE SHOP 923 sw Oak. – is currently, and will be on pause. its pretty much gutted, and waiting for the cure. Downtown (if you have not been lately) is a ghost town. we still have one regular who comes daily- his name is arthur, and he leaves us notes, he probably never reads the blog. We are saving money by shutting down the freezer, water heater, espresso machine. Im paying a guy who lives on the street a little money on the side to look after our place. we really rely on the tourists flying in from all over, we need the people who go to powells, we need the hotel guests, and we need all of our neighbors to go back to how they were…. not happening. we will stick to coffee beans and will do our best to roast them awesome.

**** Roastery- I really do not like working alone- but due to covid-19 no one except myself has been inside the roastery. I miss getting other peoples opinions on the roast, and tasting other peoples roast. i also have an allergy that comes in the spring and fall where i lose parts of my taste. scary. even without taste and smell i can work by eye, and feel. but its difficult. every roast that happens i am second guessing myself. also because we lost most of our clients orders we have had to become strict on how much to roast.

**** Covid-19 Scare. I tested negative last week for the virus.
A little shocking. For 30 hours i waited for the results of the test. spent the night in a car, had food delivered ( my first food delivery order in ten years). its hard to get sick when you are never around people. the test was not bad, i did a drive up, it felt wierd and made me want to cough, but zero pain. for those reading in another country- negative means no virus. ive felt great ever since. but i was a little shaken, and certainly worried. from the moment i thought i had it coffee was stopped, no roasting, no packing, and then i resumed operations when i got the results and also felt better.

please everyone be well, and wash some of the handwashing videos on scrubhub. ive heard what some have to say about wearing a mask. its a good image. my policy is to wear masks inside buildings, but not in the open air. its also my policy to ask people to keep away when they are getting too close, if i cannot back away (10 feet is my boundary). wearing masks just to wear a mask in the middle of a field.. no. and there is no way i can roast coffee with a mask. i need to smell the coffee. gloves would certainly melt in the heat. but what we do is use a brush to clean under nails, between fingers, and up to the elbows before starting work. coffee is packed on a copper bar, and we are just blowing through surface sanitizer at this time. you may say its too much, that is ok. lets all think about others. I dont believe we can get sick by being outside, but certainly passing others airspace, or touching something like money and rubbing eyes.

please please be really safe.
best joel

new seasons is selling hand sanitizer which doesnt work.

April 30th, 2020

65 percent alcohol for 15 dollars, at new seasons market.

update– market of choice has tons of 99.9 percent alcohol, for just 2 dollars for 12 oz.

la bouffe market on 80th and stark has flour, and tons of dried beans. most stores seem out of flour. the price is reasonable as well.

fantastic news, and better news, bleach boys

April 30th, 2020


half pound $10
3/4Lb $15 (grocery store size)
1lb $20

shepherds grain low gluten flour 5lb $6
wholesome sweeteners organic vegan cane sugar $1.6 per lb
pasture raised eggs from Centralia WA. 7.70 a dozen. (limited)

Vanilla beans 5 dollars for one bean- a fantastic price considering i spent 4.85 per bean, and yes- after the hurricane decimated the plants- whole beans have been rare. and yes courier coffee in january- was going through 2-3 beans a day with its vanilla syrup, canele and baked good. we also spent 7 dollars for a dozen local eggs, and ridiculous amounts on chocolate. storing the vanilla at cellar temp in a glass mason jar.

Now- for the best news- could be the new website will be up today- it wont be great, but it will work i hope.

fantastic news- after i lost the phone and working to wait on the new iphone se 2020, Verizon has picked up a new model of Kyoceras bomb-proof flip phone. I am more than looking forward to it. although in the apocalypse i was hoping for a phone with satelite capabilities, or hamm radio. the sonim seemed ok but also a total failure.

a phone with t-9 keys, that will work conductively through headphones and hardhats, and with a battery life of 2 weeks, and with better reception than another on the same network. and that wont pocket dial ever. and that you can drop, throw at a burglar, and sanitizer like crazy. only bad point its not international- which would be amazing. it could be but verizon is made up of jerks. it works on many international bands, but verizon makes you swap the sim and change numbers. thats the cool point about the new iphone, but its fragile, kyocera texting you can only get a hundred messages- and i load up on messages like nobody else.


since the new site will work today i hope ill leave the list of coffees there. wear a mask- or have it super ready for the cool coughing game being played out with the kids in eastmoreland, in front of the shop downtown, and this morning the regular panhandlers across the street from the roaster.

best- joel- listen to futurist trump supporters of death, following are song lyrics. while we are all locked up at home lets think about how crucial education is, and that even wealthy people raise their children in this time of crises to hold parties, and cough on others for fun. My school raised kids with the attitude “boys will be boys.” hoping we can reopen the coffee shop, and have meaningful interactions that demonstrate silently what it is to care for others. remember the following lyrics actually are sarcastic. dont drink bleach.

“Bleach Boys”
By The Dead Milkmen
From Beelzebubba
(c) 1988
I’ve got some buddies and we all drink bleach
You know we practice what we preach
We’re not a drunken bunch of frat boys drunk on beer
Or a stoned bunch of hippies with no careers
I wanna drink bleach with a Georgia Peach
My pals and I all drink Clorox
Or eat Snowy right out of the box
Teenage suicide rate shot high and we
Understand the reason why
Bleach does more than whiten socks
Don’t you wanna hang out with the bleach boys baby
In a land where ministers murder golf pros?
Don’t you wanna drink some bleach tonight?
Maybe there’ll be a party at the beach
We’ll bitch about life and chug-a-lug bleach
No ones getting high and no one’s getting drunk
We got a case off bleach stashed in the trunk.