what a frustrating day-

March 19th, 2020

luckily i was visited by a portland legend- and im delivering milk and eggs to him later today, im moving to just bringing people what they need.

dont go out, and if you have elderly people or people in danger read my past posts and let me deliver for free!

im also able to make n95 face masks, from air filters, and can sew. CORRECTION AS OF MARCH 23, CHECKED THE CLASS OF FILTER, ITS LOWER THAN N95 SO NO GOOD.

anything i delivered sealed will be soaked in sanitizer. except coffee- which has its own clean area and will be untouched.

im also delivering books and board games, hero quest will cost serious money though.

and im sorry but Portland Fire Department, and Portland Government- has been a complete ruin. i read their posts on twitter, they asked us to donate medical grade masks and gloves, but when you call they tell you no. seems like every fire department person has no clue. ive asked them to remove their posts. when i called the fire department they said that i should not call city officials, but hold onto what i have. contrary to the website do not donate is what ive been told three times.

just trying to help. you ALL can help me by letting me know what i can do.

i am searching on how to help deliver food and medical supplies.
i will and can do everything possible. crap

best joel

update on completely setting up clean room

March 19th, 2020

moving to only using the copper bar. and its really hard not to put hands on pants or shirt. what is easy is using my sterilized keys to open and move doors.

This morning as a precaution i left my mail in the mailbox, and sprayed down all door handles, and gate pulls at my house. from the moment i put on my shoes nothing else was touched again until after handwashing. getting into the car then spraying and completely wetting everything for a minute then rinsing my hands in 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. and then getting to work repeating all steps.

This morning im having fun setting up the copper bar at the roastery, and changing into fresh clothing. going to the bathroom is more than frustrating, as is accidentally putting my hands on my pants because then i have to wash again. its 10am and ive already washed my hands over 50 times, and yep im counting and using paper towels to dry. my arms dont touch any surface the coffee touches and i washing up to my elbows- every. single. time.

im seeing many people out not distancing themselves. apologies- im still delivering today. and im way behind. part of it is that its very hard to run a completely clean food operation, again- thank goodness that we have a copper work surface. the copper and the fact we use oasis multi-quat sanitizer has been a lifesaver.

be well. and please keep checking back on this blog. because i have no way of contacting you. if i or anyone at anyplace that i go to gets sick i will notify and immediately isolate.

much love. joel courier

new work protocol, to keep deliveries safe from coronavirus, and how you can help keep it safe.

March 18th, 2020

Yesterday i delivered 17 units coffee to LaBouffe on 80th and SE Stark, in my car. I was only able to handle a fraction of the home accounts, and i was forced to stop once my hands got too dry to work.

Here is my work protocol, and my protocol at home. Normally my wife wants me home earlier, but she is thankful that i am now away and because of my deliveries we have an ongoing talk about whether i should come home.

At home and at work- no touching my face ever, if there is an itch, i use my shoulder. hand towels get washed daily, and i use separate towels from my wife and daughter. For myself no using my chopsticks to grab anything from shared dishes. when raising and lowering the lid of the toilet i touch the part that no one else does, and at work i use my foot.

When i leave the house everything i put on is freshly washed, long sleeve shirt, pants, and hat. And when i come home i strip off, set my phone, keys, and glasses aside, wash hands for a long time, then lay a paper towel over my phone, soak it in 99% alcohol, then glasses, then i go back and spray completely my keys, door knob, car door handles, with a 500 ppm solution of Oasis 146 quatra-ammonia from Ecolab Chemicals, and let them sit till dry. i have test strips and keep the solution at 500ppm, strong enough to kill almost everything, and the strongest level that is also food grade. nothing else comes in the house, except food- fruit is also rinsed in sanitizer, let sit, and after 5 minutes washed with clean water. cans of beverages soaked down. and mail from the postman- not touched, not opened until i have gloves, or after 48 hours.

Out on delivery in car only- because im worried my nose might run in the cold. there is a spray bottle of quatra-ammonia in the car, and a bottle of 99% as well. clean coffee bags, packed with coffee, rest in the trunk, in a clean cardboard box, which has also not come into any contact with other surfaces including my shirt or pants. From the moment i leave the house i consider my pants and shirt sleeves contaminated. when picking up money, or empty jars from customers that all goes into a dirty box in the trunk of the car before cleaning my hands, or taking the gloves off before i do anything else. no cross contamination.

While i am still trying to figure out online sales and shipping currently im trying to catch up with the extra work. Measure twice, cut once. I appreciate those of you who have emailed, and i am working to respond. unfortunately i am going to pause all glass jar deliveries after today- we have to go to too many stores to get the jars, and i need to limit my time out.

Today when i deliver to World Foods and Food Front in NW i will be wearing an n95 mask, gloves, and eye protection. The risk just seems too great that with me visiting all these places i will come into contact. And i really dont want to bring anyone else into contact. Yesterday i saw 20 guys playing basketball in NE Portland, and groups of highschoolers hanging out- i had some people try to walk right up next to me, and while most people are doing a great job there still are bowling alleys open out there to go to.

My wife and daughter are not going out, family not coming over. and i am no longer allowing any staff to come back to the coffee shop or roastery without contacting me- Things might smooth out but we will not be having two people in the room at the same time, and i for one really need to know if someone has just stopped by and if so what parts of the shop did they use. Even so its the same protocol at work- enter, hands first, then go back and sanitize all surfaces before continuing. and do not touch mail or ride an elevator- elevators are the worst- an enclosed box with no airflow. not without full face protection.

Please continue to hold on until i figure out the online stuff, and if you grab a bag of coffee from your grocery store please remember that the outside surface could have been contaminated, so handle it gingerly, and when you get home perhaps transfer the coffee to your own container before recycling the bag. it is something to know that plastic coffee bags have no advantage in this case since i guess bacteria can live on plastic longer than paper- so i guess you could just quarantine your bag of coffee for a safe time.

The only other consolation i can offer is that our prep surface is completely copper, and copper will kill any virus 99.9% in four hours.

please stay tuned- i will be updating frequently from now on,

best joel and all of us at courier coffee.

temporary closed coffee shop, roastery is open.

March 15th, 2020

Emergency staff meeting last night. We ordered food from Chinese Delicacy- one of my all time favorite spots, and actually the food of our last two staff meals. Earlier in the day Alex Geddes, who roasts most of our coffee with myself, we had an earlier meeting at Bamboo House, or Than Tao- our neighbor at the roastery.

We talked about several options, but came to the unanimous decision to close the coffee shop. i have promised to take care of people, however unemployment insurance could be a lifesaver, so everyone is also out of work. Our decision is because we do not want to be a factor in putting others at risk.

On the back side we have about 20 dozen eggs, 30 gallons of milk, and 20 pounds of butter. we may. may do walk up hours and sell these items, worst case give them away. we would mark up 20 percent, the same as a grocery store.

working on a way to sell coffee by mail now.

this is a perfect time to paint the coffee shop and do clean up.

if you need coffee email couriercoffeeportland.com and i can roast coffee and mail.

coronavirus response courier coffee

March 13th, 2020

there have been two emails gone out to courier coffee staff, multiple talks, and i think we, all of us, are going about things with extreme caution.

We want to let our customers know we use Oasis 146 multi-quat sanitizer from Ecolab- known to kill hiv and other blood born pathogens unlike bleach, for both our dishes and wiping down tables in strengths of 500ppm. We have a three month supply of this on hand. The dish soap we use to wash our hands with is even more effective than Purell hand sanitizer. FYI- hand sanitizer will not work if you have oils or organic matter blocking the sanitizer, soap bonds with the organic matter that is also bonded to the germs and when combined with hot water and proper washing technique will be the most effective.

A concern about handling cups, money is the dirtiest thing, as is our cell phones, and touching credit cards. We are going to look on all handling of cups and money as dirty. As always we never touch rims of cups.

Today i will be installing copper door pulls on both the front door and the bathroom- The Corona virus can live on stainless steel for up to 72 hours, but normally we think of a virus not living past 24 hours. Copper will kill it 99.9 percent definitely within 2 hours, and probably less if the copper is shined and not oxidized.

plans for the day- leaving quatra-ammonium at every table, copper door handles, customer garbage can, and signage to let people know.

we will definitely accept travel mugs and your own personal cup. if at anytime you as a customer feel that something is not right or unsafe tell the person working or contact myself the owner immediately at 503-545-6444. joel. the best thing is to have the drink remade on the spot, or ask that someone wash their hands.

Since we only have 4 people who work at courier downtown if anyone feels the least bit sick we will have to cut that person for the time and change schedule.

Well we hope that you would let us know, and give us the chance to be better.

but if you plan to self quarantine- remember to buy a few pounds of coffee first. Buy as much toilet paper as your car can handle, but fill the rest of the car with fresh roasted coffee.

I am taking this serious, but with a grain of salt. we will start a weekly meeting with the staff from here on out. Many of you do not really know me, and i cannot ask you to trust, but i ask you to believe that i am a close second to being a “preper” or someone who plans for the end of the world. in all seriousness i have extra ways to get water and fuel to make coffee. we have candles at the roastery, hand grinders everywhere, and manual coffee roaster, rope. ive watched not only snakes on a plane, but ants on a plane, and zombies on a plane, and of course ive watched volcano 1 and 2.

i can joke about this, but i do watch a ton of dramas, and i read a lot of blogs, and with everything of panic there is a shred of useful information.

i will start shipping wholebean coffee. to anywhere in the USA. we still have to figure it out but if you are interested email couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

please take care- and lets all chip in to help each other.
best joel- owner courier coffee

room of parts, pressure grows to paint, getting better at sweating together copper pipes, and new crank arms on the cargo bike.

February 26th, 2020

Episodes at the shop this last month-

1).Getting to know the person who constantly attempts to use our bathroom, and steal our tips, and has successfully stolen an iphone from a past staff member. (She doesnt wash her hands either!). She is very fast. The staff has responded by increasing from one tip jar to two, but i have not asked the reason.

2).Losing internet for a morning, and not being able to run cards, always traumatic.

3).First blood orange yogurt oat muffins of the year, citrus season aftermath.

4).New coffees on bar, and our first coffee ever from Ecuador.

5). time to change water filters and o-rings, and shutoff gaskets, always fun.

Things happening in the world- Coronavirus. The only thing we can ask for people to do, please wash your hands really well. We know its not ‘here’ yet, but lets be mindful, in the world, and in the coffee shop. Im really not sure what measures we would take, but i am taking flu serious this year. i think there will be more discussion of this in the weeks to come. We certainly want people to be well.

Various other news, our time draws short to repaint- we will be randomly be closed for a day i think. Today I spent helping a past staff member and friend move their water heater to another floor, and help sweat (connect) new copper connections into the existing water line, most fun ive had, since the magic of installing courier’s toilet. We also cut out a stripped off bottom bracket on the cargo bike this month and moved from square taper to hollow with outboard bearings. We had to get new crank arms, and kept the chain ratio, but shorted the length of the arms by 5mm. Shorting the crankarms is something ive been wanting a long long time. also because of all the maintenance parts are just lined up on the bar now. too many parts.

fetco 2031e water inlet valve failures part # 57006

January 27th, 2020

In the past 6 months ive experienced the blue valve housing on the older 2031′s splitting, or developing minor cracks in the plastic. I have had three failures. Also a failure on a HWB-5 (5 gallon fetco hot water brewer).

There is no notice of this issue on the internet, but Fetco clearly knows about the issue, and told me it happens often. I believe the part is made by Deltrol, although i have other parts from them that are the best.

Did the manufacturing process get better? We have restored a few machines lately that have been sleeping in our heated basement….

The older Fetco brewers were better, the ones made today are all plastic inside, cheaper parts, made in China. Design at Fetco, like the rest of coffee seems not moving.

Older Fetco’s designs were awesome. Bunn did a great job, and actually even better with its hot water towers and temperature stability. Fetco did a great job protecting their electronics, getting higher draw downs. And Fetco does a lot better with energy efficiency.

Insulating boilers? Fetco is the only ones.

best joel courier coffee

As always trying to improve.

January 17th, 2020

answers to your questions-

Q:How is your day?
A: great?

Q: How is the business?
A: great

The main dilemma (perhaps a catch 22, and yes i have read the book five times to understand our business). The part that i think about the most has two sides. You could name it supply and demand, but those words are so cold. you could call it customer and business, or client and your business. Most of these lack a human element on each side.

The thing that bothers me is this- workers want to get paid more, and spend less. But, it is not about an equal trade. Thinking in terms of the coffee shop- we need a certain amount of money each day to be able to pay the staff fairly. in the real world if there is not enough money to be made you fire people, close the shop, increase price, all have a negative impact.

Currently we are looking at an increasing wage each year, but as the wage is increasing our sales have slowed- why?. Probably in part to rising housing costs, and declining business. The last two years have been the worst on record for sales. I believe the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. I as the owner of courier coffee am on government health care (dont worry i never go to the doctor or get my teeth cleaned:). Probably we can blame this on savvy house flippers, or millennial’s who buy a house they cant afford and rent it to cover their own costs- ie praying on the weak. The way to make money is to spread your base, wholesale, expand, sell-out. But, courier coffee is still, as it has been for 14 years local, and even that with worries about climate and carbon, we deliver by bike.

We could charge 10 a cup for coffee, but think of that world. i can think of people who use caged chickens only, sugar filtered through dead cow bones, have new employees every month, and who source all non local ingredients (yes we sell coffee, catch 22). I can think of people who microwave their food, and for coffee shops keep it frozen and reheat. I can think of one special roaster in portland who gets their pastries made a few days in advance, while we bake fresh each day- courier coffee is on some weird level.

there must be some level of pride in our staff.

Courier is doing well, but we are always thinking trying to balance. We would love to make more money, and pay the staff more, without expanding too much. Extracto coffee is one of our soulmates in this- although they are doing way better. I feel we both share similar values.

At the end of the day- i just encourage you to tip your server in a way you feel is right.
Tips are always appreciated, but ( and i think someone will be upset)- i think your thanks is enough.

anyway- thats my economic forecast for 2020


the car is back!

January 9th, 2020

they fixed the ignition- now any key will work! or a stick.

They also stole the car battery.

the worst thing- smoking a few cigarettes in the car before ditching it behind a Shari’s restaurant in Clackamas. The car reeks of tobacco now- i have to sanitize it and check for needles is the next step. there was blood on the stick shift from the smell on my hands.

They left all the money in the trunk, stole my nirvana and NIN cds, but left the james blake and mariah carey- odd.

something i did find out- coffee refills are without end at Sharis restaurant. kids were super nice. the police officer was super nice. Clackamas is a pretty great place. I drank the “barista blend” at Sharis. it was comforting. last time i was at Sharis in 1997 the chef threatened me with a butcher knife and told us to leave. the service yesterday was hands down better. while i say that- and its true- the service was awesome.

still checking for needles inthe car before the kid goes inside it. perhaps i will have to hire my security guard friend whose name starts with an R to guard it.

thank you friends- including the police, my sister, and the staff at Sharis.
and to the person who stole our car- dude- there are childseats in the back- no smoking in the car.

xo courier coffee

stolen car 93′ toyota corolla white.

January 7th, 2020

this time its the family car.

you should be happy to know its a stick shift- all manual toyota corolla.

please keep your eyes out.

im not entirely sad. but our preschool is in beaverton, and the kids carseats that were inside were basically the price of the car.

pleaseplease keep an eye out for an old white corolla.